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Video Wall
A Video wall technology qualifies coordination of many screens and approval of inputs from a variety of sources and is based on custom intended visual card solutions and extreme bandwidth backplanes whether you’re Scheming a corporate boardroom or a home theater or a multi-monitor control room the cutting verge in digital video demonstration is multi-screen video wall. A Video wall comprises of several computer displays, video projectors, or television sets lined together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one enormous screen. A video wall is combined of multiple flat panel monitors attached edge-to-edge or slightly overlying to create one unified screen.

A video wall can display group of images at once, or work uniformly to display one large image all with the precision and impression of the latest visual technology obtainable. In Today’s fast paced world you can find video wall technology used in the following industries: Telecommunications, Transportation, Utility and Process Control, Broadcast, Command and Control, Emergency Operation, Public Information, Security and Surveillance, Network Operation Centre, Large auditoriums in Corporate, Malls & Multiplexes, Museums, Stadiums, Airports & Education sector etc. Video wall create dramatic effects for the large audience.

Our video walls are specifically engineered to provide our customers with the best image quality that maintains itself throughout the life of the product. Innovative features such as automatic lamp changing, automatic brightness adjustment and automatic color balancing provide you with a continuous high quality control room video wall.