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Trading Room
Our installers are experienced and knowledgeable with mission critical facility concerns. We specialize and understand the unique requirements and constraints found in Trading Room operations. These highly technical environments must incorporate specific design standards, special ergonomic and environmental considerations, as well as flexibility for future technical advances and human factors. We equipped with the latest technology and equipment to design and implement the most effective Trading Room environment.

Our company provides integrated AV solutions for trading rooms including TV and market data distribution to LCD panels plus integrated audio with dealer boards or intercom systems. Our experts will ensure your trading room has first class facilities with personal audio at the dealing desk for each of the different displays showing different channels concurrently. Need instant hands free communication? We provide standardized communications tools for traders, analysts, management and support staff that enables rapid decision-making. Users can log on and receive calls at any desk on the global network.

Relocation of voice and data circuits and market data services is a complex task – causing a headache for most IT Managers. Let us reduce the stress and ensure your trading room is fully functional from Day 1.