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Show Room
One of our key areas of expertise is in designing and installing audio and audiovisual systems in retail spaces and showrooms. The right Show Room AV installation makes all the difference; it makes customers feel comfortable and improves the shopping experience. Our AV Solutions can offer the latest audio visual equipment to fit your show room environment whether the in store PA system, digital signage, CCTV or lighting installation.

Each project has a unique combination of requirements, but client’s demands for showrooms or retail spaces invariably have two elements in common: the need for the systems to be easy to operate, and the importance of the installation's appearance.

We never encourage our clients to install a more complex solution than is necessary to meet their needs. Whether your requirements are for a multi-faceted, state-of-the-art, integrated AV system or for a comparatively basic installation providing good-quality playback of audio from a single source, we will deliver on time, on budget and with an installation that demonstrates extreme attention to detail.