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Multizone Music System
Would you like to listen to music throughout your home or corporate? Imagine listening to different music sources in every room simultaneously, or being able to have the entire hall listening to one source for all of your parties and events. With multi-zone music systems you can listen to different music in different rooms from difference sources and control it with a key pad. We offers simple multi-zone music systems with full controllability of CD players, iPods and satellite radio.

Distributed audio systems were developed as a means to improve the quality of life for true music enthusiasts. In its most simplistic form, distributed audio systems take the input from a single source (like a CD player) and distribute the sound in to multiple rooms (also known as Zones) around the home or corporate. Each zone usually has an independent volume control wired into the wall to give each user the ability to make volume adjustments.

The perfect digital music system for home Entertainment, Office, Boardroom, Theatrette, Auditorium, even smart homes! Using multiple inexpensive sound cards or mixers with USB inputs, you can have songs playing to multiple systems in different rooms, all at the same time with ease. Low CPU and memory usage, fully multi-threaded, so no skipping. Switch sound outputs on the fly, and more.

Multi Zone Music system uses a standard Windows interface, so any employee can use and run the system.