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Lighting System
Lighting impacts every environment. Effective lighting can boost energy, focus attention and enhance retention. Ineffective lighting can have the opposite effect along with added stress. When you leave your lighting to chance, chances are you'll be left with bad lighting, and hence, a bad meeting. The lighting you need depends upon the situation. For example, the ideal lighting combination for a PowerPoint presentation is very different from the lighting needed for a video conference. By integrating your room lighting with your audio visual control system, your room can automatically adjust to the appropriate lighting at the touch of a button.

Lighting is a key factor for a successful audio visual and conferencing environment and should be strongly considered when making decisions about how to design or enhance your meeting space.

We turns lighting into an asset for your meetings and presentations. Our experts know how to plan and integrate lighting systems that increase productivity, and maximize the impact and effectiveness of your audio visual solution. Our lighting Installers have years of experience in lighting installations, fitting required lighting and who aren't learning their trade at the expense of your wall or ceiling! We are qualified to deal with all aspects of health and safety as well as good clarity.