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Home Theatre Room
Not long after the widespread adoption of television, home theaters – albeit very early versions – starting showing up in homes of consumers interested in the movie theater experience. Ever since 8mm recording and playback equipment became affordable in the 50s, the industry has made numerous groundbreaking advancements. Today, home theater installation specialists can create an experience unlike anything outside a movie theater.

We will respect your vision to create a warm and friendly theater to entertain your family and friends. If your inspiration is to design a more bold theater, we will work with you until you are totally satisfied with the concepts that we've developed with you. Home theater systems are typically comprised of separate input units that run through one or more processing units delivering video and audio signals to outputs, such as TVs and speakers. The number, type, placement, and cost of these units and associated hardware are almost infinite. A specialist will be able to help you decide which products work well together, and are right for your application.

An often overlooked benefit of a custom installation is the quality, professional look and feel of the completed space. Using a room designed for optimum media enjoyment is a treat for both enthusiasts and casual watchers. Obvious elements — such as perfect seating and amazing audio-visual quality — are combined with easily overlooked details such as specialized insulation and correct speaker placement. The result is an overall home theater experience that is as attractive as it is functional.

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    Our design services include the following:
  • Interior Design consultation
  • Acoustical Analysis
  • Full construction documentation
  • Special effect lighting design
  • In-house millwork
  • Lead coordination of all trades involved in the theater
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