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Despite the availability of electronic courtroom technology, most trial lawyers still present their exhibits the old-fashioned way - by holding up pictures; passing documents and using blow-ups on easels that the jury can barely read. In document-intensive cases old fashioned methods are not only ineffective but also an inefficient use of courtroom time.

In fact, effective and proper use of electronic support can dramatically shorten a trial. Storing critical documents, photographs, drawings, graphs, sketches, computer printouts, video and audio files on a computer not only makes it easier to manage and organize exhibits but it also serves as a central repository for transmitting evidence to every location in the courtroom.

Many courtrooms are located in historical buildings or have infrastructure limitations which make technology installations and especially configurations that require cabling a formidable challenge. Our Professional A/V solutions surmount that challenge with wireless alternatives for extending data from a central location to remote destinations making it possible for older courtrooms to have the same access to technology as the newer and more modern facilities.