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Class Room
At all levels, from kindergarten to post-graduate studies, educational systems across the nation have utilized our expertise to integrate audio/visual communications systems that fit their needs and budgets into both established and newly built facilities, so we understand the needs of this important sector better than anyone.

The growing use of digital signage networks within universities, colleges, and other schools help streamline communication between faculty and students. Such networks are extremely beneficial when sending out announcements, weather emergencies, sports scores, and academic event calendars.

Data Projections is leading the way in helping young students enrich their lives and their learning experiences through reliable and interactive audio/visual communications solutions. We make the pursuit of knowledge more exciting and more inclusive with products and services that provide greater access to information, remote learning opportunities, and much more. Innovative educators across the country are using our audio/visual communications solutions to improve student learning and redesign the way they teach. Our staff can design, engineer and install complete audio/visual systems into “SMART” classrooms, auditoriums, video production studios, distance learning rooms and technology training rooms — simply and cost-effectively.