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AV Control System
An audio visual control system is an intuitive interface that manages, commands and regulates the behaviour of individual pieces of AV equipment, or input devices, from amplifiers, computers and microphones to TV distribution systems and video streaming peripherals.

With just one, user-friendly touch panel, an entire AV system is simplified, functionality is seamless and the operator is in complete and very discrete control of a host of harmonized technologies for the ultimate professional presentation. Typically, an AV control system will comprise a processor and a wired or wireless touch panel or button-operated control pad to give an integrated, programmable interface that can be expanded to include any number of AV devices.

The uses for an AV control system are endless; from conference and presentation theatres and corporate meeting rooms to auditoriums, educational and training facilities. Our well-designed systems are user-friendly and give simplified, intuitive power to the presenter, regardless of the number of technological devices the unit controls. We have extensive experience and substantial expertise in control system design and implementation. We can automate multi-step processes, provide multiple interfaces to the same systems, remote (off-site) control, diagnostics, and support. Considering the rapid pace of technology, it is essential to maintain a high level of control over your system and its devices.

We have installed world class control systems in a diverse range of environments, including corporate, education, leisure, and public organizations as well as private residences.