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3D Projection System
Our 3D projection system provides affordable, high quality stereoscopic projection, allowing large audiences to watch immersive stereo 3D video using inexpensive passive polarizing glasses. Each system is tailored to meet individual requirements and can be supplied with front or rear screens in a wide range of screen sizes, ceiling or floor mounted. This type of 3D display sets the standard for effective 3D, surpassing all autostereo (glasses-free) systems.

The Duality passive 3D projection system is based on a simple concept; integrating two LCD or DLP projectors to achieve stunning 3D stereo images at a fraction of the cost of specialist active 3D projectors. The Duality system combines four key components including polarising filters, matched projectors, the Duality mounting rig and polarising glasses. Added to this is your choice of screen with many options of design and size, plus a playback solution designed to operate with the content of choice. All of the components are chosen based on you requirements taking into account the ambient light levels in the room, desired screen size, resolution and projection distance. The Duality system is suited to both real-time interactive visualisation and replay of stereoscopic 3D video. It is also suitable for projecting live 3D video from standard or high-definition cameras.